Knowing More About Piqua Shawnee Tribe Originally, these people inhabited West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky but nowadays, majorities of the people reside in Ohio and Oklahoma. To avoid getting into war with the immigrants, these people liked moving a lot from one place to the other. As a result of the nomadic lifestyle, they were not able to establish permanent houses. They made their houses, wigwams, using sheets made from the barks of trees, tree sprouts to help them with the framework and also thick grass from the bushes. The grass helped with the provision of family privacy on top of the fact that it shielded them from the harsh outside weather conditions. In comparison to the other Indians that were there in the United States of America, these natives did not possess a distinguished manner of dressing. These people earned their living through fishing, farming and hunting. Hunting was conducted by the strongest males in the clan whereas farming was done by the females who were also in charge of taking care of their homesteads when the men were away. The main crop that they planted and harvested was corn even though there were others such as squash. These people only got to cut their hair when they were heading for a fight and that is also the only time that they got to wipe their face paint. Of the many tribes that tried their best not to be involved in fights, this is one of them due to their love for peace, and when they were involved, it was only for the sole purpose of protecting the people that they love. They discouraged intermarriages with other tribes, even other local Indians as they wanted to keep their practices intact. After they were done with their duties, kids were mobilized to gather around their parents or other older people in their clan to be educated more on their cultural practices. The fact that they were made to be proud of their roots facilitated the carrying on of their practices from generation to generation. The governing system was a hierarchy one and matters had to be taken to the most junior person in the governing system before being taken to the most senior one in the hierarchy. Of essence is that individuals should take their time to learn more about the Piqua Shawnee people. It is undeniable that these people have immensely contributed in the world of history and hence the need for people to know more about them. Though they may live separately, they get in touch from time to time due to the occasions that they organize. Their own festivities help them to stay united always. Why People Think Cultures Are A Good Idea Getting Down To Basics with History

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